The Resonator #11: Once Upon A Time On Planet Earth

Well folks…I didn’t really plan on posting *another* Resonator piece so soon…I mean, the sketchy book that I downloaded from that sketchy message board on how to make followers and influence people *clearly states*: “Don’t post so often…instead, create a sense of MYSTERY. They’ll appreciate you much more.”

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The Resonator #10: Skippy And The Sacred Chao


“…does a butterfly remember being the caterpillar? Are they the same creature? After spilling its cocoon the caterpillar turns into a gooey mess and then somehow transforms into a butterfly. It really makes me wonder if they are really the same creature because the caterpillar’s brain even liquifies, every bit of it liquifies and then somehow magically turns into a flying flower eating bug.”
from Reddit thread on 2012

Welcome to The Resonator! If I get into a certain groove, it pretty much writes itself.

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