PunisherMAX: Butterfly


Also known as “The Butterfly Effect,” this is the Punisher one-shot I’ve referenced in my post “My Life As A Hypersigil.” A highly controversial story when it came out, ultimately I believe the resistance to it was archonic in nature, as opposed to belonging to one ideology or the other. It was designed to discourage me from doing the work I do now on this very site, to make me fear telling the truth about how things really are.

There was also a number of references in the story to MKUltra folklore & symbols—probably starting with the goddamn blue butterfly itself on the cover—that I never consciously put in there, but which in retrospect kind of really creeps me out. I clearly remember one day, after the book was in production but before it was printed, coming across one of those “deep” MKUltra conspiracy sites and going through all the symbology, and being absolutely horrified; because it was absolutely not my intention to reference that stuff but yet here it was in my comic.

Strangely, after PunisherMAX: Butterfly came out my publisher decided to hire the person who was generating the most online hate about me & the book. Originally attacking my work in the name of essentially “anti-feminism”—though if you read my comic from beginning to end, the last thing it is is a feminist anthem—this person would then “rebrand” himself as a “white knighter” for a “progressive” anti-Gamergate comics website. Another feminist “ally” for the girls, ’cause that’s where the money was. And so I learned my lessons about the world the hard way.

The question has to be asked, however: Why would a company be so eager to bring on a person who was so busy telling people to not buy their product? I’ll be honest—and I’ve never publicly put it so bluntly until now—I always believed this entire thing was a big coordinated publicity stunt to generate drama, with me as the know-nothing “patsy” in the middle of it. Had I taken my life in the middle that public clusterfuck, I not only think nobody would have been surprised but I think some might have found it to be an exciting marketing opportunity. I mean: why stop at tragic “MK Girl” chic with movies and TV? The whole thing was like a bad Vigilant Citizen post.

I believe I was essentially presented as a “sacrifice” to the “Internet Gods”… “fresh blood” for one group & something to virtue signal about for the other—orchestrated by persons who ultimately had no loyalty to either side, but just wanted the press releases picked up and/or the second-hand media coverage and buzz.

But my passion is to tell the stories of people who have risked and/or lost their lives and livelihoods to tell the Truth—getting the Truth out to the People. At the time this comic was published, I received a lot of shit & threats over it and was told that my career was over; but I’ve written thousands of pages of material since then on subjects dear to me, and I will continue to do so.

Had this book been a success, I would probably have been pigeonholed into writing some safe, palatable dreck. I sure as hell wouldn’t have gotten the OK to write the topics I do now on this site. And so that is the way life goes, my friends; the Universe doesn’t give a shit about your “feels,” it wants you to do what you were put on this planet to do. And that’s the message of this comic. Stop crying, and just get the info to the public any way you can.