2.19.19: Atlantis To Interzone


“Orphism. It’s as if the ‘second birth’ or ‘birth in the spirit’ is in fact spiritual or even physical death run backward—retrograde—in time. Eliade speaks of this as a sacred rite, as alchemy.”
—PKD, “Exegesis”

“You’re on acid…somebody gave you very bad acid.”
–Charles Xavier, “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”

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1.19.19: Augurs And Elon


“I would argue that inside your mind was some pattern of neurological activity that was not there before you exchanged e-mail with me. The ‘Root Representation.’ It is not me. I’m this big slug of carbon and oxygen and some other stuff on this cot right next to you. The Root Rep, by contrast, is the thing that you carry around in your brain for the rest of your life, barring some kind of neurological insult, that your mind uses to represent me.”
— Neal Stephenson, “Cryptonomicon”


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12.8.18: “We Always Trick You”


“These things are the result of a confluence of events in the Matrix, and the person who is victimized by them is occupying a particular spot—not only in space and time but also in another dimension, the quantum dimension perhaps where considerations of space and time are not so ironclad as they are in the perceivable world.”
–Peter Levenda, “Sinister Forces”


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