The Inevitable Bruno Borges/”13 Reasons Why” Crossover Video


It was only inevitable that the hit Netflix show 13 Reasons Why would collide with the Brazilian phenomenon that is the disappearance of Bruno Borges.

If nothing else, this new YouTube parody, “13 Reasons Acre” (Borges lived in Acre), is evidence of how much this particular news story blew up in Brazil. I also get a lot of visitors outside the U.S. in general who seek these posts on Borges out—but perhaps things are currently too weird in the United States for many people to take notice here.

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Breaking The Bruno Borges Code

As you may know by now if you have been following the story, Bruno Borges, a 24-year-old psychology student, vanished from his family’s home on March 27—leaving behind a temple-like room with coded words on the walls as well as in 14 books.

Great mystery surrounded these encrypted words, but now the origin of the code can finally be revealed. Is it Enochian? A strange channeled alien language? WHERE IS THIS CODE FROM??!

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Doctor Believes Bruno Borges Was “Guided By Spirits”

Bruno Borges, who has been missing since March 27

An interesting interview with a doctor and friend of missing Brazilian man Bruno Borges’ family has shed some more light upon the young man’s motives…maybe.

José Medeiros, a physician and founder of eight spiritist centers (I’m half-Brazilian, this is not as unusual as you would think) claimed that Borges approached him last year for guidance on a “project” he was working on. It is unclear if this is the same project that culminated in March with Borges disappearing and leaving behind 14 encrypted books as well as a virtual “temple” in his room flanked by a life-sized statue of Giordano Bruno.

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13 Reasons Why: Esoteric Theories And Strange Coincidences


I’ve just finished watching Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why—it’s a show geared towards teens, but I guess I had my Steve Buscemi “hello, fellow kids” meme on at the time. 13 Reasons is apparently the biggest pop-culture thing for teens since Twilight, so…

I noticed a ton of interesting resonances, synchronicities, and so on with this series, so I’m just going to sort of ramble and get right to it! (SPOILERS AHEAD)

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Is Bruno Borges The Reincarnation Of Giordano Bruno? (Plus Updates)

Giordano Bruno and Bruno Borges

So much more information on the disappearance of Bruno Borges (some of which is summarized on Everpedia) has come to light since the initial time I wrote about it, and I wanted to touch base on that.

Before I do, I have to caution you (and myself, for that matter) that in this crazy publicity-obsessed world in which we live in, there is the possibility that this could all be some sort of “stunt” or even hoax (or, something I see a lot more regularly, a “partial” stunt/hoax that resides in a murky “gray area”). Based on everything I’ve read so far, I don’t see any evidence of that—but if we are going to be Explorers Into The Unknown we have to always use discernment.

That said, apparently Borges was an extremely intellectual, sensitive, and esoterically-inclined individual who, in 2013, began seeking donations from family members for a big secret project. This project was the composition of 14 books which Borges claimed would benefit humankind.

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The Strange Disappearance Of Bruno Silva Borges

Bruno Silva Borges

On March 27, Bruno Silva Borges, 24, apparently disappeared—leaving his house with only shorts and a t-shirt, and his worried family with no clue what happened to him. But what Bruno left behind him has captivated Brazilian media…and has produced even more questions than answers.

Because his room looked like something akin to an updated version of a high magic temple, with an almost life-sized statue of 16th century philosopher and occultist Giordano Bruno as a centerpiece and a detailed oil painting of Borges with a gray alien.

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