Star Trek’s “The Cage”: Ancient Astronauts, Aliens and Lam Oh My


“The Earth is a farm. We are someone else’s property.”
–Charles Fort

We’re going to take a closer look at the 1965 Star Trek pilot “The Cage”—which the network tossed back to creator Gene Roddenberry as being “too cerebral.” (It’s a miracle the original series was able to stay as long on the air as it did).

What does this episode have to do with “Ancient Astronauts,” the Anunnaki, and perhaps even stranger stuff? Stay tuned!

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11.7.18: All Of The Above


I believe humanity has had outside (inside?) contact by non-human beings of some stripe—but I will not fully go out on a limb to state with any sense of authority what exactly these beings are.

And I will also not count out the possibility that these “beings” could be some “version” of us from another time or dimensional plane.

But it seems clear to me that it hasn’t been just us—us, as we currently understand ourselves to be—running the show. There is some sort of “dialogue” going on. There is some sort of (attempted) “instruction” going on.

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Divine Invasions: Philip K. Dick, Robert Anton Wilson and “Alien Contact” In The 1970s


“Thus we may stand at the threshold of discoveries…which may require a literal evolution of our species—and this may indeed be taking place. Thus even to know this hyper-structure is to cease to be human, and yet such knowledge—not faith, not revelations, but the utilization of pure intellect—is possible. I argue, then, that man as a species may be coming to an end, subsumed into a higher level of organizational complexity; and a new species may be evolving out of him. I argue, finally, that the hyper-structure is to some degree actively involved in promoting this, since it is an evolutionary process in which it is involved.”
—Philip K. Dick, “Exegesis”

A very weird thing began to happen in the early-to-mid 1970s—a number of people were apparently “channeling” very similar information, from entities variously claiming to be aliens, God, and beyond. These people, from different backgrounds and fields, would end up basically forming an interconnecting web of High Weirdness that would impact popular-culture to the present day. Continue reading “Divine Invasions: Philip K. Dick, Robert Anton Wilson and “Alien Contact” In The 1970s”

Amazing Stories: Pulp Sci-Fi Writers And “Alien Transmissions”


Authors claiming to have “channeled” their work from otherworldly entities—either as a whole or in part—is nothing new. I’ve previously covered a whole period of time in the mid-1970s when a number of them seemingly were “contacted” by entities that made no small impact upon their future writing.

In particular, science-fiction icon Philip K. Dick claimed to have a whole relationship with such an entity, who might have subconsciously shaped his previous works and concretely inspired his last. Then there is Morgan Robertson, who famously “predicted” the sinking of the Titanic via a “muse” who gave him the information; and even bestselling “success” author Napoleon Hill claimed later in life to have channeled much of his material.

But it is in the world of the pulp science-fiction of the first half of the 20th century—a world where Dick had his beginnings—where find many more examples of this phenomenon.

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