2.28.19: You Can’t Argue With Results


“Kim Carsons does he exist? His existence, like any existence, is inferential…the traces he leaves behind him…fossils…fading violet photos, old newspaper clippings shredding to yellow dust…And this book. He exists in these pages as Lord Jim, the Great Gatsby, Comus Bassington, live and breathe in a writer’s prose, in the care, love, and dedication that evoke them: the flawed, doomed, but undefeated, radiant heroes who attempted the impossible, stormed the citadels of heaven, took the last chance on the last and greatest of human dreams, the punch-drunk fighter who comes up off the floor to win by a knock-out, the horse that comes from last to win in the stretch, assassins of Hassan i Sabbah, Masters of Assassins, agents of Humwawa, Lord of Abominations, Lord of Decay, Lord of the Future, of Pan, God of Panic, of the Black Hole, where no physical laws apply, agents of a singularity.”
–William S. Burroughs, “The Place Of Dead Roads”


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