The Dark Side Of The Moon Landings (And Other Folklore)


“But despite a seven year stint at Rocketdyne, the firm that built the main propulsion units for Apollo, I could not work up the least bit of interest in the entire astrophysical circus…not even to the extent of reading an article or watching the most exciting moments on the boob tube. Why, I wondered.”
–Bill Kaysing

–Weekly World News

The “incredibly short bio” of William Charles Kaysing (1922-2005) is, simply, he’s considered the “father” of the “Moon Hoax” theory (not to be confused with The Great Moon Hoax of 1835). Yes, before the work of such luminaries of the fringe as Jay Weidner (Kubrick’s Odyssey) and Dave McGowan (Wagging The Moondoggie) there was former Rocketdyne employee Kaysing’s 1976 self-published book, We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle.

But, per the ambling-rambling rhythm of these missives to you dear reader, we’re not going to begin with Kaysing. Instead, we are going to begin with the woman I have dubbed “Conspiracy Housewife.”

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The “Magical Child” Archetype And Human Evolution


Oh You Pretty Things
Don’t you know you’re driving your
Mamas and Papas insane
Let me make it plain
You gotta make way for the Homo Superior
–David Bowie, “Oh You Pretty Things”

Boriska Kipriyanovich has claimed he is an ancient Martian reborn into our current era to warn humanity against its destruction. The young man has a genius IQ—able to speak, it is claimed, soon after birth, and possessing knowledge of astronomy and ancient civilizations that clearly surpassed anything he could have learned in school.

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The Philip K. Dick and David Bowie Connection


“They’re the start of a coming race.
Homo Sapiens have outgrown their use
All the strangers came today
And it looks as though they’re here to stay.”
—David Bowie, “Oh! You Pretty Things”

Pop-music had always been an important theme for Philip K. Dick and his novels, especially later in his life. Linda Ronstadt (with whom he was a bit obsessed and wrote fan letters to) was a favorite of his, her “look” making its way into novels like The Divine Invasion as the musician “Linda Fox.” And the untimely death of John Lennon sets the stage for the somber Transmigration of Timothy Archer. Continue reading “The Philip K. Dick and David Bowie Connection”

The Great “Starman” Ritual

starman live view falcon heavy spacex.jpg

I can’t even…fully wrap my brain around what Elon Musk did yesterday with the car and the Spaceman on the Falcon. This is the great confluence of Technology, Commerce, Pop-Culture, and Symbolism.

You had a dummy dressed in an astronaut’s suit called “Spaceman” in a Tesla car outfitted with shibboleths from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series & playing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” (Bowie of course portrayed the real-life Tesla in The Prestige); a car that was launched into space on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy towards Mars.

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An Esoteric Guide To David Bowie


The passing of David Bowie a year ago—more-or-less in conjunction with the release of his album Blackstar (and associated music videos)—seemed to spark off almost more symbol-sleuthing and esoteric interpretations than the “Paul is Dead” phenomenon.

Of course, Paul McCartney never really died in 1966 (and wasn’t replaced by an uncanny double named Billy Shears), and unfortunately it seems as if Bowie (as well as his birth-date-mate Presley) is indeed deceased—but according to the world of conspiracy theory, anything is possible. Continue reading “An Esoteric Guide To David Bowie”