4.10.19: The Event Horizon, For Reals This Time


“The simple, most basic but still unrecognized truth is that any rationally consistent understanding of the universe cannot avoid the recognition that, ultimately, it is not physical, cosmological, quantum-mechanical or neurological events of any sort but rather awareness itself that necessarily ‘comes first’ in the fundamental order of things.”
–Peter Wilberg, “Event Horizon: Terror, Tantra, and the Ultimate Metaphysics Of Awareness”

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11.26.18: Archons, Event Horizon, And The Cosmic Egg


“A true initiation never ends.”
—Robert Anton Wilson


You may have noticed a pattern in my blog lately, in which I derive esoteric insights from movies I’ve deemed “not all that good.” Indeed, it has been my observation that “not all that good” movies sometimes yield the best esoteric insights. Certainly, you have acclaimed flicks like Donnie Darko (which, ironically, I’ve recently heard several critics cite as “not worth the hype”) that are packed to the gills with heavy metaphysical meaning. But sometimes the best “nuggets” are packed within mediocrity or even utter flaming disasters.


This is what author Philip K. Dick referred to when he spoke of finding the “holy writ” in the trash. Dick believed that such gems were purposely hidden within trashy pop-culture by Advanced Beings Unknown to keep them away from of the watchful eyes of the Archons; to “infect” the populace under the radar. You can hear similar sentiments from certain directors regarding the deep meanings they secretly placed within low-budget horror and sci-fi movies early in their career.

Now, why would the Archons wish to keep such “wisdom” (wisdom in quotes, because one persons wisdom is another person’s folly) away from the mass populace? Because they don’t want humanity to continue to evolve.


Another movie that was not all that good—but was sure as hell better than The Number 23, Hudson Hawk, and Transcendence—was 1997’s Event Horizon. Earlier this year, I attempted to read Event Horizon: Terror, Tantra, and the Ultimate Metaphysics of Awareness, by Peter Wilberg. I say attempted to read it, because I was reading it, then I found some interesting synchronicities in my life, then my life started symbolically looking like the Event Horizon.

I deemed this recent digital collage of “Event Horizon” too “scary” to use as my post’s thumbnail image. Though this is pretty much an accurate visual assessment as to how disturbing this movie is.

It should go without saying that this book is not an official “tie in” to the movie Event Horizon, but instead uses a discussion of the movie as a launchpad into ideas regarding tantra. At the time, I had just gotten rid of all my books on tantra, because I just found the subject impenetrable. So maybe I needed a good trashy B-movie from the mid-Nineties to finally illuminate myself.

Per Wilberg, in a quote that can be readily applied to horror movie fans (you know, metaphorically-speaking):

“…worldly terror has replaced transcendental wonder as a sought after source of higher awareness. Thus it is that some come to subject themselves and/or others to a hellish realm of worldly terror—albeit in a desperate attempt to regain a sense of wonder through sacrifice of others and/or themselves.”


Basically, “in the beginning” you have the Cosmic Egg, which is perfect, which is pure divine potentiality. But as you know the old saying: “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” Thus there appears a crack in the shell of the Cosmic Egg, which leads to the Event Horizon: chaos, “Hell.”

The shell of the Cosmic Egg is that Event Horizon, this flashpoint where anything can and will happen. A realm of infinite expanding potentiality. And it is the “agony of God” to release those potentialities, which of course is like a woman birthing a child.

the cracking of the Cosmic Egg, per Salvador Dali

In the beginning, there is Terror: terror of not only the sheer mind-ripping possibility of Infinite Potential, but of the comprehension of the other option: not existing at all, Non-Being.

In tantric philosophy, you have the cosmic coupling of Shiva, who is Pure Awareness, and Kali, who is Pure Potentiality. When these two operate under this type of “manifesting” mechanism, they are known as Bhairav the terrifying one: Bhairava (Shiva) and Bhairavi (Kali). 


Per Wilberg:

“They would save your soul from being sucked into their black holes, not by withdrawing from them but by leading you ever deeper into them—through and beyond the ultimate terror of total nightmare and out into the light of an ultimate and pure awareness.”


Event Horizon is currently at 28% on Rotten Tomatoes.


Have a good Monday.