The Man Who Was Afraid Of A Soul


Here’s another story that I’ve been thinking about lately, something that happened to me about…16 years ago. Nothing gory or spectacular, just a subtle thing. A conversation I had with a former boss, something that most people would have forgotten. I still think about the implications of that conversation.

This particular boss seemed like a pretty amiable sort of person. Younger Baby Boomer, very creative, middle-class upbringing, had a family of his own, and shared many of the same common cultural touchstones as our peers.

One day we were talking, and I said something like, “you have to do something that feels right for your soul.” Well, this apparently stopped the conversation dead—he just stopped and looked at me with confusion and disgust. “What did you say?”

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The Revival Of Impermanence


One of the key features of the coming age is the return of the idea of impermanence. If you are a scholar of certain Eastern philosophies, you may be familiar with the idea of impermanence: that all things must break down and fade away.

But up until the last 15 years or so, the West’s “thing” has been permanence. Let’s explore this concept and follow how it continues to be undermined in the current era.

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The World’s Crisis Of Evolution


I’ve been asked with increasing regularity what is wrong with the world, and here is what I think it is at the very core:

We have a crisis of evolution.

Since the very dawn of humankind, there has always been one or two people in the Tribe who seem, inexplicably, to possess a different view than the others. An expanded view.

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“Human” Footprints Found In Crete Vastly Pre-Dates Human Feet


You know it’s a fun legit scientific discovery when the writer of the article (who has just had their conception of reality shook) can mostly bring themselves to only write short, terse sentences about said discovery. Case in point: this article on anomalous “human” footprints recently found in Crete (formatting theirs):

They shouldn’t be there.

Testing puts the rock’s age at 5.7 million years.

That’s a time when palaeontologists believe our human ancestors had only apelike feet.

And they lived in Africa.

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