Scientists Implant Human Brain Matter Into Rats, Creating Ethical Concerns


Like…they are literally creating “Pinky And The Brain”…or at least the “Brain” part!

The medical magazine Stat reports that what are essentially “tiny human brains,” organoids, have been implanted into the brains of the rats—which is now sparking an ethical debate. Literally: could the rats have increased intelligence  (and/or other unforeseen consequences) as the result of the implants?

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Cuban, Gates, Musk All Warn: Massive Unemployment Coming Due To AI


Please understand: We are heading for a profound change in our society due to the rise of artificial intelligence and the impending replacement of many human workers by robots. 

I know there’s a lot of other stuff going on, and I’m concerned about those issues as well. But understand that within ten years—and perhaps as little as five—day-to-day life in this world is going to be significantly different due to significant technological advances that we are being insufficiently prepared for.

Business magnate and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently stated on Twitter:

Automation is going to cause unemployment and we need to prepare for it.

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The Pendulum Swings One Way, The Pendulum Swings The Other


I continue to have a surprising lack of outward emotion (unless you count a constant churning of dread in the stomach) regarding last November’s election, and the resulting chain of events.

I just feel like I’ve seen all this before. And I don’t mean that 100% metaphorically, either.

There is something that feels unreal about Trump in the White House. This feels like a movie. This feels like a bad early-to-mid 1990s superhero movie, the Trump/Bane parallels notwithstanding (though of course, the first cinematic appearance of Bane was in 1997’s Batman and Robin and not 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises).

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The Dangers Of Creating A Real-Life Jurassic Park (Besides The Obvious)


It’s called “de-extinction”—the process of bringing extinct species back to life. And it’s plausible enough that in May 2016 The International Union for the Conservation of Nature issued a document outlining guidelines for re-introducing long dead species into the land of the living.

Called “Guiding Principles On Creating Proxies Of Extinct Species For Conservation Benefit,” the document stresses that no animal that could be brought back from extinction via genetic engineering could ever really be that animal as it existed in its original time-period/location. They would only be proxies—”a functional equivalent able to restore ecological functions or processes that might have been lost as the result of the extinction of the original species.”

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Are We Headed For A Star Trek Or Star Wars Future?


Entertainment has a funny way of presaging future events, even future worlds. Perhaps it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy sort of thing; I mean, you are raised with a lot of these movies & TV shows and whatnot, and it can’t help but shape your views in some way. Then you grow up to build a rocket or lead a country, and are now in a position to place those sci-fi fever dreams of your youth into practice.

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