1.28.19: I’d Like To Report A Glitch


“The first thing that happens is the cleansing of the former character. I don’t think a lot of actors talk about it, but there is usually a process where you essentially purge yourself of the character played prior to the movie. Then you want to think about what the character represents, and you write down all of the elements about this character and then take the time to find some synchronicity and start breathing the character.”
–Vin Diesel


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5.7.18: Does THIS Look Like A Homicidal Maniac To You?


I love how people who couldn’t possibly relate to being an Incel claim with such authority that “there is no such thing as Incels.” That this feeling/reality of being “involuntarily celibate” can’t possibly be true.

Look, I don’t agree with the direction a bunch of conversations in that community goes—you can say I “strongly disagree”—but the fact of the matter is to say they themselves don’t “exist” is absolute BS.

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