9.24.18: Surfing Ryugu With Bob And Jacques


“We give you keys straightforwardly and we trick you. We always trick you. It is wise that you be a little suspicious of us. If you are not, you are a fool. Learn to have skepticism with all things, and that sometimes we have great reason for what we do, even though it is not apparent to you at the time. All we do is create imagery from which you can evolve.”
–Barbara Marciniak, “Earth”

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9.12.18: Our Blessed Lady Of The Flatwoods Monster


“Only in one field has the omnipotence of thought been retained in our own civilization, namely in art. In art alone it still happens that man, consumed by his wishes, produces something similar to the gratification of these wishes and this playing, thanks to artistic illusion, calls forth affects as if it were something real. We rightly think of the magic of art and compare the artist with a magician. But this comparison is perhaps more important than it claims to be. Art, which certainly did not begin as art for art’s sake, originally served tendencies which to-day have for the greater part ceased to exist. Among these we may suspect various magic intentions.”
—Sigmund Freud, “Totem and Taboo”

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