The Legacy Of The Giver


“You see, no one in our Community has any memory of the past. Only me. When the Elders need guidance on matters that are beyond their experience, I provide wisdom. That is now your role. To provide guidance in the present using memories of the past.”
—The Giver, “The Giver”

“A girl gives me several things to make needed money. The last thing she gives me are a set of 4 books called The Giver, that she had buried under some garbage outside where no one would find them.”
—Dream, 1/1/15

In the 2014 movie The Giver the title character retains the memory of his entire post-dystopian society; he is tasked with transferring his recollections to a young man designated The Receiver Of Memory. Outside of this little exchange, the society’s leaders seem pretty content with obliterating their history in favor for an extremely calm and orderly communal mindset.
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High Hopes With Jeff Bridges


dammit I know this is just a GQ article with a bunch of fashions and shit, but seeing Jeff Bridges with all the Lebowski accoutrement just makes me so happy. I guess we all need our little joys.

To me, Bridges is just this major positive “old wizard/sage” archetype. It probably started as far back as The Fisher King (I mean, just the very beginnings), really expanded with The Big Lebowski, and then sailed into The Men Who Stare At Goats, Tron: Legacy, The Giver, and Seventh Son.

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