The Resonator #4: Tracy Twyman RIP, “Shining” DeepFakes, And General Malaise That I’m Sure Will Subside At Some Point


I think it’s more crazy to look for a human conspiracy to explain all the coincidences that occur. When you look at history and when you look at current events you notice symbolism—you notice the same things happening over and over again and you think “oh, this must mean they’re all in on it together.” But then you think about it more and then you realize “oh that really doesn’t make sense, does it?” No it doesn’t. And they’re not all in on it together, it’s just that they’re all being inspired by the same thing.
—Tracy R. Twyman, 6/29/19

Tracy Twyman has passed.

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The 3 Types Of Bad Movies


“You can’t piss on hospitality son, I won’t allow it!”
“Troll 2”

Since I’ve analyzed a number of cheesy movies on this blog before, I thought I’d take a step back and discuss the different types of bad films. Not all films that are bad are bad in the same way. Some bad films are actually quite enjoyable. Some are bad because they are unsettlingly awful in a way that you can’t take your eyes off of—but definitely not enjoyable.

And some are just bad—bad, bad, bad, boring. Bad.

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The Alchemical “Burt Wonderstone”


Burt Wonderstone: “Mr. Gray. What you do is not magic. It is monkey porn.”

Steve Gray: “I understand. It’s natural for a dying leaf to be frightened by the autumn wind.”

OK, here you go: possibly the most “deep,” esoteric analysis of the movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone you will ever read.

You’re welcome.

Prepare to have your world-view, your religious identification, and even your very perception of reality altered forever—all through this seemingly insignificant 2013 movie starring Steve Carell and Jim Carrey. We’re gonna talk Simon Magus, we’re gonna talk alchemy, we’re gonna talk psychedelic plants…it’s gonna be wild. Really.

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The Ballad Of The Number 23


“Chapter 23. You can call me Fingerling. My real name is Walter. Walter Paul Sparrow. What you’ve read so far is not the whole truth.”
–Walter Sparrow, “The Number 23”

The Number 23 is not…a great film. Directed by Joel Schumacher—the only man who I think was capable of rendering a Carrey-in-his-prime unfunny (1995’s Batman Forever, the esoteric elements of which I explored in “The Holographic Fantasies Of Edward Nygma” )—the 2007 film is often overblown, murky, sleazy (without irony or art to temper it), and just damn mediocre in places.

But it also is woven with a thread of truly unsettling esotericism—and, as I will show, purposely so.

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