John Wick 3 Trailer & The Matrix Parallels


So in Spring of 2019 the Keanu Reeves starrer John Wick 3 will debut—about 20 years after 1999’s The Matrix.

As was the case with The Matrix, we are all on the edge of a new era—2020. That Y2K “Doomsday” feeling isn’t quite there with this date, but there still is a vague nervous anticipation in the air. And certainly, our society—on the fringes, but also, to an extent, within the pop-culture of the masses—have fully absorbed the (Gnostic) idea of living in a false reality of sorts that was the crux of the film.

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8.28.18: My Name Is Nobody


“It is a tendency for patterns either to repeat themselves locally or for their parts to separate out to join singly or severally with other patterns to form new constellations.”
–Buckminster Fuller

“Know Your Limit”
–incidental words on some piece of advertising

On this day in 1859, the Carrington Event, one of the biggest geomagnetic solar storms on record, hit the Earth. Though by then humanity had such inventions as telegraphs (some of which malfunctioned, sparked, and even caught on fire during the event), there was nowhere near the amount of heavy dependence on technology as there is at present.

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