5.6.19: The One With The Anachronism


“The law of the irreversability of cosmic time, so terrible to those who are dwelling in illusion, is no longer binding upon the Buddha. For him, time is reversible and can even be anticipated, for the Buddha knows not the past only, but also the future.”
–Albert D’Souza, “Studies In Religious Imagination In Symbolism”

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

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Messenger Shiva Part 4: Loose Zeitgeist


In the previous chapter of Messenger Shiva, we started to look how the burgeoning online video community in the late 2000’s began to offer a new avenue of expression for the esoterically-minded among us. Before then, one relied mostly on videotapes and DVDs for documentaries and video commentary on these fringe subjects.

But the growth of platforms like YouTube not only made a lot of the older stuff more available…it empowered people to produce their own new content. And two of the most influential videos of the mid-Aughts—especially in terms of 9/11 research—were Loose Change (2005) and Zeitgeist (2007).

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