Messenger Shiva Part 1: The Event Itself

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In 2014 a phrase suddenly popped into my head; two words, actually. “Messenger Shiva.” I didn’t know what that meant, exactly, but I put it in my back pocket in case I ever needed a snappy cryptic title for something.

And here we are!

But I’m not sure if what I’m writing here will really be something….bigger. I just want to talk about something that is still a rather “raw” period of my life. A sad period. A weird period. A period from like a few minutes after 9/11 through fall of 2016.

And it starts with the rather odd little synchronicity that I think kind of changed my life…

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Why Are We Here?


I was thinking of topics to write about and I figured…why not just start at the Top?

Why Are We Here? 

We are immortal souls who have incarnated in this world within biological vehicles/interfaces for the purpose of having unique experiences. These experiences are had in order for your soul—which is a part of a much larger Soul, which is ultimately the All—to Learn.

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The Relationship Of Body To Soul


We are souls operating upon this planet using biological vehicles. These vehicles have a life and “soul”  of their own, without us…the same type of consciousness that animates most animals. We bond with that consciousness—that body—at birth.

But it is important to remind ourselves every once in a while that that soul and body are not the same.

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Losing And Regaining Our Connection To Source


Religion used to be a way to manage a lot of the general issues of depression and so on within the populace—with spontaneous recoveries from alcoholism, sudden revelations that give people a new lease on life, etc. But our mainstream society has largely chosen to do away with that and just medicate the population en masse. All the natural shamanic influence that pops up among a certain segment of the population—bringing sacred wisdom to the masses—is stamped out.

The population then suffers from this lack of connection to the sacred, but doesn’t even know that this is why it is suffering. Numbing influences like meds, drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, Internet, etc. are used to distract one from ever trying to discover more. Thus, the Self is cut off from the Source. 

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Book Review: The Secret History Of The World


“Nothing happens anywhere in the cosmos except in interaction with the human mind.”
–Mark Booth (a.k.a. “Jonathan Black”)

I’ve just read through Mark Booth’s 2010 book The Secret History Of The World for the 3rd time, and I thought I should just dash off a quick review while it’s still fresh.

With the all-seeing eye on the cover and provocative title, The Secret History Of The World does initially seem like one of those fringy Illuminati!!!-type tomes purporting to tell you what They have been trying to hide from the public. And yeah…there are certainly parts like that. But this book is more about the history of religion and philosophical thought throughout recorded history…and in that sense, it’s something that you can get value out of regardless of whether or not you choose to hang out at the edge of the rabbit hole or dive in.

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