Lee Harvey Oswald Records Are Missing From Those Newly Declassified JFK Files


Remember when I first wrote about how the CIA was declassifying and releasing to the public thousands of files on the JFK assassination? Well guess what? A batch of records relating specifically to Lee Harvey Oswald are now reported missing from those releases.

Volume 5 of the seven-volume file on Oswald held by the CIA’s Office of Security is nowhere to be found; the last record of its existence was from 1978. These files are important because the Office Of Security was the first component of the CIA to start research and records on the suspected presidential assassin. Why is this one file now completely missing???

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Observations 9/3/17: Late Nite Thoughts


So here are some thoughts I had as I tried to go to sleep last night; I actually kind of got my phone out and started typing this in bed.

Basically: is there anything “real-world useful” about getting really into conspiracy theories? I mean like: something that will better change the lot of humankind?

Or is it largely mental masturbation? (And I can see one or two of you out there tapping the tip of your nose and nodding in the affirmative).

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