11.28.18: De Vinculis, “The Links”


“Well, there it is.”
–Ian Malcolm, “Jurassic Park”

So I played around with this idea for a while—just putting up an entire past journal more or less in the format it was recorded in. So I figured since I started with De Vinculis, I might as well just finish it.

Just as a recap: I chose these selections for this volume because they all seemed to be pointing to the same path & involving overlapping and quite heavily esoteric imagery. It should be noted that prior to 2010, I was not doing much journaling, dream recall, or anything like that since around 2004-2006. So this followed sort of a “dry spell” for me in that regard.


Then there was the automatic writing material from the same period—which, frankly, felt like a completely new element in my life. Now, I did do a few pieces of channeling in 2005, but these ones from five years after that felt much more “precise.” It touched upon specific things that would become centerpieces of my esoteric work in the crucial 2013-2015 period.

The sequence of dreams I had in the end of February/beginning of March in 2012 were particularly occult in their imagery and felt “related.” In particular, they all seemed to reference Crowleyan symbolism and even terminology.


I cannot vouch for the entertainment value, here, and you do not have to read all this. Caveat emptor, cogito ergo sum, frito lay, etc. Hyperlinks where appropriate; probably put too many, but again: I’ve always wanted to try something like this, so we’ll see how it goes.

This is going to be quite a bit of work, so I’m going to take a little break after this. It’s mentally exhausting. I’m not even sure why I’m doing it. I’ve put a lot up here lately, and I guess it all has a purpose.

Lastly: this is a sort of shamanic metaphysical exercise with a lot of pop-culture references. It’s probably a bit messy, corny, whatever. It’s not supposed to mean anything. It’s all dream-stuffs.

With thanks to the Muse, as always.


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11.7.18: All Of The Above


I believe humanity has had outside (inside?) contact by non-human beings of some stripe—but I will not fully go out on a limb to state with any sense of authority what exactly these beings are.

And I will also not count out the possibility that these “beings” could be some “version” of us from another time or dimensional plane.

But it seems clear to me that it hasn’t been just us—us, as we currently understand ourselves to be—running the show. There is some sort of “dialogue” going on. There is some sort of (attempted) “instruction” going on.

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Did The Ouija Board Curse Its Creator?


The title of this post is, admittedly, a bit “clickbaity”—William Fuld didn’t technically create the Ouija Board we are all familiar with. But like any Capitalist worth his salt, he recognized a good thing when he saw it; officially putting his name on the board, and suing everybody else who made one. Also…of course we all know there is no such thing as “curses.”

That said, I do have to ask: did the Ouija Board (“Ouija” meaning, depending on who you ask, either “Good Luck” or the combined French/German word for “Yes”) curse its “creator” with an untimely death?

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The Internet Canonization Of Karin Catherine Waldegrave


On April 14 2010, an apparent human by the name of Karin Catherine Waldegrave (Von Berg Habsburg) discovered Facebook. Like to many people who first use the social media platform, it was a bit like getting a new toy. She started off with the basics: filling out her Hometown, Looking For and Interested In fields; uploading some family photos; adding a few people as friends.

By June of 2010 Waldegrave began to post long, rambling messages on Facebook. Some of these started out seemingly benign and even witty—”Looking for a Waldorf (a good salad, not a boutique school)?”—but would quickly branch out into sprawling, massive messages to which she (and seemingly, often, she alone) answered with even more sprawling messages. Sometimes, as much as 200+ responses, by Waldegrave, would follow a post.

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Born On This Day: Charles Fort


I believe nothing of my own that I have ever written.
–Charles Fort

Charles Fort (1874-1932) was a writer and researcher whose works on anomalous phenomena was highly influential not only on future generations of investigators but pop-culture as well.

Fort spent his life digging through stacks of books, amassing piles of newspaper clippings, and cataloging all manner of recorded unexplained events in human history—driven by the belief that scientists and other authorities wanted to hide and blot out the existence of these uncanny occurrences that they failed to explain.

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