Better Call Paul: The Mystery of the “Winged Beatle”


“…the accepted myth involves the premature death of a youth who is transformed by death into a god. This is a prevalent theme from Osiris and Achilles to Jesus Christ.”
–R. Gary Patterson, “The Walrus Was Paul”

“I’m not the phony—THEY are!”
–Saul Cartwright, “Batman” #222

We’re going to discuss now one of the key pop-culture conspiracy theories of the 20th Century…the supposed death and replacement of Beatle Paul McCartney. It is the Rosetta Stone for so many other celebrity doppelgänger folktales (up to “Dave Chappelle’s Clone” in the present day).

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1.28.19: I’d Like To Report A Glitch


“The first thing that happens is the cleansing of the former character. I don’t think a lot of actors talk about it, but there is usually a process where you essentially purge yourself of the character played prior to the movie. Then you want to think about what the character represents, and you write down all of the elements about this character and then take the time to find some synchronicity and start breathing the character.”
–Vin Diesel


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11.14.18: The Karmic Ferris Bueller


“This is a difficult but key point to our secret life: psychopathology and the paranormal go just fine together, as do mushrooms and religious revelation, or madness and holiness, or car wrecks and near-death experiences, or mystics and sexual trauma; once the ego is dissolved, however it is dissolved, the imaginal, the supernormal, and the spiritual can come rushing in. And when they do, they almost always rush in together.”
—Jeffrey J. Kripal, “Mutants And Mystics”

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4.17.18: It’s A Slippery Slope


People in “alternative” circles like to say that the period from mid-April to May 1st is some sort of pagan “sacrifice by burning” time. I am not a scholar of actual genuine traditional pagan rituals, so I have no idea if that is just a bunch of conspiracy wharrgarbl or not. What I do know is that on the eve of this supposed period, a well-respected guy in my neighborhood apparently set himself on fire and burned to death in the middle of the park.

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