You Created A Joke Religion And It Became Real. Now What?


I’d like to talk about the concept of the Joke Religion—something created by you, somebody you know, or somebody you know once-removed—that is utilized to ridicule traditional religion, some pop-culture thing thought to be banal, or both.

Half our online culture seems to be proudly a Joke Religion. A tongue-in-cheek sacredness and meaning is invested in the the cheap and tawdry. What author Philip K. Dick might have referred to as “the trash.”

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My Radio Appearance On “Exploring The Bizarre”

Folks, here is the audio from my appearance yesterday on Timothy Beckley & Tim Swartz’s “Exploring The Bizarre.” Author Adam Gorightly is the other guest, and we discuss such topics as Philip K. Dick, Robert Anton Wilson, Kenneth Anger, Charles Manson, and a lot more.

If you have never heard a person fangirl continuously and with great rapture over conspiracy/paranormal/esoteric topics before: here is your chance!

The One Where Philip K. Dick Publicly Announced The Existence Of The Matrix


I may be talking about something that does not exist; therefore I am free to say everything or nothing.
—Philip K. Dick

Something that came up on the radio show I did yesterday was the time in 1977 when Philip K. Dick announced to a French science-fiction convention audience that a) some of his fiction was “true” and b) we were probably all living in an artificial reality.

I can’t begin to describe or imagine what it must have been like to be in that room watching Dick say all this. It’s like something out of a John Carpenter or David Cronenberg movie. This was a respected author (at least, at that point, in sci-fi circles) basically stating some really far-out stuff as fact.

But it took a lot of guts to do.

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On Sale Now: The Matrix Control System of Philip K. Dick

matrix-control-system-of-philip-k-dickWell folks, I just received my copy of The Matrix Control System Of Philip K. Dick And The Paranormal Synchronicities of Timothy Green Beckley, and it looks gorgeous! If you are a Philip K. Dick fan and are looking for some rarer insights and info on the man—especially in regards to esotericism—this is the book to buy. (don’t let the photo fool you—the book is HUGE!)

I have two articles in there which are edited versions of PKD posts here—it’s the first time I’ve ever put this type of work in print (outside of my comic book series Beyond). And to have it alongside people like Beckley, Brad Steiger, Nick Redfern…I mean, I know I’ve written this here already, but: wow. Very cool.

I’ll do a longer write-up of this book at some point, but if you are interested in purchasing it you can do so at Amazon—either in digital or print—at this link!

Anatomy Of A Coincidence, Part 2: The Wallet


In the original “Anatomy of a Coincidence,” I recounted an incident a few years ago where I seemingly had “foreknowledge,” through a dream, of an event in the near-future. In the follow-up, I examine an occurrence that happened only yesterday, involving a lost wallet that I both dreamt of and then happened in reality—only within the span of a day.

But considering vital aspects of the dream and the reality were different—was this really anything more than some sort of coincidence? If it wasn’t coincidence, then what was the message?

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“Waking Life,” the Movie That Got Me Hooked On Philip K. Dick


I was like, you know, he’s not really a psychic, you know I’m thinking to myself. And then suddenly I start floating, like levitating, up to the ceiling. And as I almost go through the roof, I’m like, “Okay, Mr. Psychic. I believe you. You’re a psychic. Put me down please.”
–Richard Linklater, “Waking Life”

The other day I was trying to trace where my Philip K. Dick “kick” started, and I remembered this scene from the 2001 film Waking Life. Of course, I had previously knew him as being the famous author of various science-fiction books, including that upon which the movie Blade Runner was based. But it’s funny how you can go through a whole life—or, for me, 4 years of college studying English Lit—and not really “connect” with an author.

That all changed after I saw this scene in Waking Life.

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Soul Detours


This is the first of what might be more sort of autobiographical stuff. I do want to get all this stuff down, somewhere. We’ll see how it goes. Well, here it is:

Do you know that old joke where somebody is asked if their parents dropped them on their head when they were a baby? In 1974, that actually happened to me. My father accidentally dropped me on the floor. He had even momentarily thought I had died. That’s how the story goes, at any rate. I don’t really remember what happened, of course; I mean, obviously.

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