Blade Runner And The Last Temptation Of Philip K. Dick


My god, this movie is the greatest defeat…and victory…
–Philip K. Dick, “Exegesis”

It’s the end of 1981, and science-fiction author Philip K. Dick should, by all rights, be ecstatic. After decades of struggle, he had finally reached a point not only of critical and mass-market recognition of his work—but a major film adaptation was in the works based on his story Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?.

But instead of considering this a great achievement, Dick found it to be his greatest—and, as it would turn out unfortunately, last—spiritual “temptation.”

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“Divine Invasions” 2: Talking Back To The Alien


I recently watched a video from a mystic-type person I followed on YouTube. She started doing this channeling thing and I think I kind of momentarily crapped my pants. It was so sudden; just cutting the woman off in mid-sentence and “bubbling” out from her. But the advice she (or it…or they???) gave was so on-point—it felt almost as if this type of entity was SPEAKING RIGHT TO ME, sort of reading my mind and addressing my issues.

Then a little bit later on I watched some other videos from the series and I suddenly had a bad, dark, terrible feeling.

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One Of The More Obscure Philip K. Dick Movies: “Radio Free Albemuth”


Came across of folder of these screenshots on my desktop, so I thought I’d share. 2010’s Radio Free Albemuth is one of the lesser known film adaptations of Philip K. Dick’s work, based on a book of the same name that was written in 1976 but published in 1985.

The movie and the book contain what is essentially “proto-VALIS material”…basically, going over a lot of the same stuff that Dick wrote in the “2-3-74” part of his Exegesis. The film had a small budget but it was pretty decent, and put a lot of the VALIS lore, like the pink beam of light, in visual form. Other stuff is like taken directly from the Exegesis, based on actual stuff Dick claimed happened to him (like his files being stolen). So there’s that liminal quality.

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Take a First Look At Philip K. Dick’s “Electric Dreams” TV Series


Here’s a treat for all you PKD fans: the trailer has just dropped for Electric Dreams, an anthology television series based Philip K. Dick’s stories. Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is one of the executive producers, and he also appears in the series along with Steve Buscemi, Greg Kinnear, Anna Paquin, and Terrence Howard.

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You Created A Joke Religion And It Became Real. Now What?


I’d like to talk about the concept of the Joke Religion—something created by you, somebody you know, or somebody you know once-removed—that is utilized to ridicule traditional religion, some pop-culture thing thought to be banal, or both.

Half our online culture seems to be proudly a Joke Religion. A tongue-in-cheek sacredness and meaning is invested in the the cheap and tawdry. What author Philip K. Dick might have referred to as “the trash.”

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My Radio Appearance On “Exploring The Bizarre”

Folks, here is the audio from my appearance yesterday on Timothy Beckley & Tim Swartz’s “Exploring The Bizarre.” Author Adam Gorightly is the other guest, and we discuss such topics as Philip K. Dick, Robert Anton Wilson, Kenneth Anger, Charles Manson, and a lot more.

If you have never heard a person fangirl continuously and with great rapture over conspiracy/paranormal/esoteric topics before: here is your chance!