The Writers Who Predicted The Sinking Of The Titanic


After any large-scale tragic event, many people come out of the woodwork claiming to have had anything from “intuitions” to full-blown prophetic foreknowledge that the incident was to take place. The finger is also pointed, retroactively, at various symbols and story-lines from pop-culture that might have “predicted” the circumstance.

Such is the case for the Titanic disaster, regarding which there are dozens of anecdotes showcasing everything from “uneasy feelings” to the sudden insights of crystal ball gazing spiritualists. Two very startling examples of such seeming prognostication involve authors: one, a crafter of sea-tales, and the other a crusading editor with literally a life-long obsession with massive sinking ships.

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The CIA’s Secret Psychic Studies…For Real!


And so while everything else was going on, the CIA released 13 million pages of declassified documents to the public online—800,000 documents including material on psychic research and UFO sightings.

In other news: the CIA funded many years of research into psychic phenomena. This is included trying to “remote view” enemy bases in places like Iran. This is not a crazy conspiracy theory. This actually happened. You can read the actual memos and worksheets. I’m not bullshitting you, these are actual worksheets to test psychic powers.

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