Truth In The Trash: The Deeper Meaning Of “The Nice Guys”


“So you’re telling me you made a porno where the plot is the point?”
–Holland March, “The Nice Guys”

The Nice Guys is a 2016 movie directed by Shane Black and starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. Taking place in the late 1970s, it’s an action-comedy about a murder conspiracy centering around a porn movie. Hovering over the proceedings are various icons of the time, including Richard Nixon—but of course these ultimately contain parallels to the current era. Continue reading “Truth In The Trash: The Deeper Meaning Of “The Nice Guys””

Nixon, Jackie Gleason, and Aliens


“I have never seen a flying saucer anywhere personally but have read published flying saucer literature. Most of this literature is ridiculous, but amongst the trash there are some undeniable points that can not be refuted even by the United States Government.”
—Jackie Gleason

You might know Jackie Gleason from the classic 1950s TV sitcom The Honeymooners—but apparently he was also quite the UFO aficionado. Amassing a collection of over 1,700 books on the paranormal and flying saucers, Gleason even built an impressive UFO-shaped home in Peekskill New York that he called “The Mothership.” Continue reading “Nixon, Jackie Gleason, and Aliens”

The Manson Frequency


“Five to one, baby
One in five
No one here gets out alive”
–The Doors, “Five To One”

The passing of Charles Manson last year inevitably led me to revisit the Sinister Forces trilogy by Peter Levenda, with the “Manson Secret” being the “scarlet thread of murder” that runs through all three volumes. Merely dipping a toe within chapter 11 of book two, “Night Of The Long Knives,” is like plunging headlong into a rabbit hole of leviathan (every meaning of the word) proportions—a rabbit hole that not only encompasses Manson and the Sharon Tate murder, but Egyptian Gods, MKUltra, the JFK assassination, The Beach Boys, and even Richard M. Nixon.

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Tripping The Manson-Nixon Line

Would you buy a used car from this man?

I’ve been reading a lot about Richard Nixon lately, and the period of time from 1968-1974. Those years had some really weird, dark energy; dark energy that the late Robin Williams summed up as “The Manson-Nixon Line.”

Author Peter Levenda in his 3-volume work Sinister Forces sees the two seemingly diametrically opposed public figures, Nixon and Charles Manson, as essentially being opposite sides of the same coin:

“On the plane of the real world as understood by the media and the public at large, Manson was an insignificant crook compared to Nixon, the President of the United States, undeserving of the President’s attention or comment; but on another plane, Manson and Nixon were warring black magicians, fighting over airtime and the fifteen-second sound bite.”

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The Progression Of The Ages: A Theory Of Resonance


Somebody pointed out that the pattern recurs? This forms the basis for the theory of resonance…The idea being, then, that historical periods are in fact shaped by the historical periods that they are in resonance with.
—Terence McKenna

Note: this is a series of notes directly from my journals, from late November of last year. In some ways, these journal entries are like “the direct download.” So I’m going to experiment with a few of these, because that is what my intuition is currently telling me to do.

The thing is, whatever Donald Trump and the energy around him currently represents, it’s not something that started now. It is at least halfway through its cycle. This is the key.

We must ask ourselves: what is the next thing? What is the new energy that is coming?

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The RFK/Nixon Eternal Narrative


My father left three physical possessions behind him when he departed this Earth: a battered leather jacket, his meticulous notes taken during his induction to the U.S. Navy, and a small stack of yellow newspapers that came out when Robert Kennedy was shot.

I remember finding these newspapers, shoved away at the top shelf of a linen closet & wrapped in a black garbage bag. One front page in particular really struck me, showing a close-up of the face of a dying RFK. A candidate for president, he was supposed to be the “new hope” of a country that seemed to be getting increasingly divided and strange.

Instead, the United States got Nixon. How does that equation go? It’s as old as time. It’s positively archetypal. It’s The Empire Strikes Back.

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