Alan Moore To Write Introduction To Robert Anton Wilson’s “Coincidance”


Kind of a cool comic book/RAW intersection…Watchmen scribe Alan Moore is set to write the intro to the new Hilaritas Press edition of Robert Anton Wilson’s Coincidance: A Head Test.

While there is no date set yet on when Coincidance is going to press, the RawIllumination website shared a small preview of Moore’s intro:

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Time, The Singularity, And You



One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you are currently living in the most unique time in the whole of human history; like within the thinnest sliver in comparison to the rest of the history of humankind.

Our current times are so different than the rest of human in history, in fact—in terms of everything from technology to philosophy to social constructs to art—that it’s actually sort of really bizarre. It’s surreal.

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“Divine Invasions” 2: Talking Back To The Alien


I recently watched a video from a mystic-type person I followed on YouTube. She started doing this channeling thing and I think I kind of momentarily crapped my pants. It was so sudden; just cutting the woman off in mid-sentence and “bubbling” out from her. But the advice she (or it…or they???) gave was so on-point—it felt almost as if this type of entity was SPEAKING RIGHT TO ME, sort of reading my mind and addressing my issues.

Then a little bit later on I watched some other videos from the series and I suddenly had a bad, dark, terrible feeling.

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Review: “Email To The Universe” By Robert Anton Wilson


Some of us have become postmodern whether we like it or not.
–Robert Anton Wilson

Email To The Universe (2017, Hilaritas Press) is writer/philosopher/guerrilla ontologist Robert Anton Wilson’s final published work—a collection of essays concerned, in general, with “the relativity of reality.” The book covers about 45 years of Wilson’s writing career, spanning 1959-2003, and is—outside of The Cosmic Trigger I—the best way to start dipping your toes into Wilson’s work.

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You Created A Joke Religion And It Became Real. Now What?


I’d like to talk about the concept of the Joke Religion—something created by you, somebody you know, or somebody you know once-removed—that is utilized to ridicule traditional religion, some pop-culture thing thought to be banal, or both.

Half our online culture seems to be proudly a Joke Religion. A tongue-in-cheek sacredness and meaning is invested in the the cheap and tawdry. What author Philip K. Dick might have referred to as “the trash.”

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“Meaning” Is Not Life


There is no meaning in life. The meaning is in sentences, meaning is in symbols that symbolize life. Life itself does not have a meaning because that’s what meaning refers to, meaning refers to life. To look for meaning in life is like looking for trees on a map. You can find squiggles that represent trees but you won’t find the trees there. The squiggles only represent the trees or the rivers. You can’t wash in a river on a map, you gotta find a real river.

—Robert Anton Wilson

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