Robot Babies, Cyborg Taylor Swift And The Post-Sexual World

Taylor Swift in the “…Ready For It?” video

As I’ve outlined in my post “15 Predictions For The Future,” I believe we (or at least a good amount of us) are headed for a “post-sexual” world. Conception and even growth within the womb will be able to be achieved—with all the requisite genetic modding of course—involving only the minimum of actual human physicality or contact.

This will not be the end of “eroticism” per se…but such impulses will be increasingly be sated via the use of robots, VR programs, or, more likely (and inexpensive), direct neural connections that can provide unending orgasms at the touch of a button.

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Can Hackers Turn A Sex Robot Into An Assassin? (Probably) (Seriously)


Folks, we’ve come to the part of the show where we need to face The Big Questions about our Crazy Hi-Fi Space-Age Future: mainly, “Hackers Could Program Sex Robots To Kill.”

The fine folks at The Daily Star explore this perhaps previously unthinkable wrinkle in the burgeoning sex robot fad—the idea that these devices could be conceivably remotely accessed and used as a weapon. Sounds crazy? No more crazy than how other appliances and machines from The Internet Of Things could be similarly hacked.

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“Nexus Dawn” And The Faustian Bargain


If you do have a chance & are interested in that kind of stuff, do check out the 6-minute “short film” prequel to Blade Runner 2049, “Nexus Dawn.” Outside of it being kinda cool, it does speak to this tension between our need to expand our technology and the danger of unwittingly (for some peeps, probably wittingly) creating a “post-human” society.

Jared Leto plays this ultra-creepy replicant (robot/AI) manufacturer of replicants, Niander Wallace, and he basically offers the Powers That Be a whole bunch of replicants even though they have become illegal.

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AI Invents Own Language (Nothing To Worry About)


Balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to.
–Alice, AI Client

Crammed between all the palace intrigue and reality-show gossip that dominates the news cycle is word that an artificial intelligence system being developed at Facebook just invented its own language. That’s not Terminator-level uh-oh material, but neither is it inconsequential; it was deemed “serious” enough by the Facebook researchers to shut the AI down.

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Will Amazon’s Whole Foods Be Mostly Staffed By Robots?


Please understand, this is merely a rhetorical question: based on Amazon’s plans, as of six months ago, to have a chain of mostly-automated “self-serve” supermarkets. Now that the juggernaut company has plans to acquire Whole Foods, will the objectives for Amazon’s “Take It And Go” merely be transferred over to the more well-known grocery chain?

“Take It And Go” boasts “no lines, no checkout.” You merely “scan in” with your Amazon account as you walk through the door, pick up what items you want, and leave. Literally: that’s it. Everything else is kept track of through sensors and the like and charged to your account.

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Sure, why not?

Asking whether you want to be blessed by a male or female voice, this robot “priest” in the historic town of Wittenberg (where Martin Luther’s famous Ninety-five Theses was published) is called “BlessU-2” and was developed by the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau. It will even print out a handy blessing for you to keep in your pocket or perhaps on your fridge.

Not surprisingly, BlessU-2 was sort of conceived by the church to attract more believers (spectators?) to the Faith. As church spokesman Sebastian von Gehren commented: “It is an experiment that is supposed to inspire discussion.”

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As The World’s First Sex Doll Brothel Opens, Is A Robot Version Far Behind?


I throw around the term “inevitable” a lot—truly, it is one of my favorite words. But “inevitable” feels completely applicable in this case, of the world’s first “sex doll” brothel in Barcelona, Spain.

I was very tempted to refer to Lumi (link NSFW),”The First Sex Dolls Agency,” as a “robot brothel”…but it is unclear if these highly realistic sex dolls actually have automated (as some dolls under development are). However, it should be obvious that based on current advances in AI (not to mention, the aforementioned sex doll technology), the day of a Westworld-type scenario is not far away.

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