The Four Characteristics Of The Evolving Human


Evolution Has Accelerated

My personal belief is that human beings are fast evolving/mutating into Something Else. We’ve been doing this for some time—Robert Anton Wilson refers to it as “The Jumping Jesus Phenomenon.” But it has sharply accelerated now in the wake of 2012. And for every action is a reaction. So here’s where we get the heavy dose of Crazy—high partisanship, tribalism, fundaMENTALism and fanaticism trying to reassert itself.

Our media—movies, TV, comic books, video games, etc—has been trying to communicate with us for decades regarding this Change in humanity.

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Hidden Wizards: The Power Of Napoleon Hill and Norman Vincent Peale


“I received strange orders from a strange source.”
–Napoleon Hill

Two of the most popular self-improvement books of all time are Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power Of Positive Thinking (1952) and Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich (1937). In a modern world filled with inspirational works claiming to having found The Secret and The Power of Now, outwardly claiming to provide wisdom from possible extra-dimensional entities, and so on—the works of Peale and Hill seem, to a degree, antiquated and somewhat “square.”

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The Guru Syndrome Part 2: Tony Robbins


I used to read and listen quite a bit to motivational speaker/success coach Tony Robbins years ago. And there’s a lot of useful advice to be had from his work. If you are feeling crappy, there are certain Robbins motivational speeches that can really pump you up.

But he recently messed up in a big way—bad, bad optics, the worst optics—and I’m reminded again of why we shouldn’t regard these people as our infallible gurus.

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Finding Your Life’s Purpose: Who Did You Want To Be?


If you are still struggling to figure out your true Life’s Purpose, one of the sure bets you can try is to examine what you really wanted to do when you were a child. Whether it’s what you specifically desired to be when you grew up, or just interests you had when you were very young—it’s very likely that these are indicators of what you were always meant to do.

And it doesn’t need to be literal—though sometimes it is. You could have always wanted to be an astronaut as a kid; for a select few, that childhood goal actually literally manifests in adulthood. But for others, it might mean that they have a naturally questing and adventurous spirit. Regardless, recognizing that this questing spirit is part of your True Self is extremely important.

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What Is Genuine Empowerment?


Empowerment is about totally aligning with your True Self. You cannot fail if you do this; it is the well from which all true power comes from.

The True Self = The Immortal Soul, who you really are at the core. It’s the connective thread of all your lifetimes. It is who you truly were when you were a very small child, before you were pressured to change.

Sometimes, living in alignment with your True Self takes courage. Such a courageous act can also “set off” people who are not currently living in alignment with their own True Selves.

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