My Thoughts On The Amazon Rainforest Burning Down


I am, technically, if these designations mean anything anymore…”half Brazilian.” Which is to say…my mother was born and raised in Brazil, and emigrated to the United States when she was in her twenties.

She grew up in São Paulo…which, at the time of this writing, is engulfed in Book Of Revelations level smoke and darkness.

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Becoming Birdman

That’s what I’m talking about. Bones rattling! Big, loud, fast! Look at these people, at their eyes… they’re sparkling. They love this shit. They love blood. They love action. Not this talky, depressing, philosophical bullshit.

About 5 minutes into 2014’s Birdman, you realize that this is all really a narrative about Michael Keaton turning down Batman Forever. About 15 minutes in, you also realize that this is all really a narrative about Edward Norton getting essentially kicked out of the Marvel movie franchise. Keaton and Norton: “heretics” of the modern Age Of The Capes and Masks.

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Broken Shamans: Dark Times For Hollywood


Folks, I have been waiting all day to have the quiet time to sit here and type out on my phone something–and you lucky devils, you’re going to get to read it. As I write this at…10:25 PM. Oh, I’ve been at my computer, carrying around my journal, all this stuff, but…nothing. It’s all been banging around in my head, all day, until now.

I saw a picture of Johnny Depp recently at a movie premiere—a premiere for his own movie–and this man, he looked like he was going to *die*. The Daily Mail helpfully made a gif of him looking sick, disoriented, and utterly miserable—something to play on constant loop for the headline of the entire website.

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The Magician


The magician dissociates, creates alternate identities for himself with their own names and abilities and personalities. As the magician travels through various levels of his art, his costume changes (red for Mars, white for Venus, myrrh for Saturn) as each stage in the process prompts the appropriate response from him, elicits a new personality with all the subterfuge of scent and sight and touch and taste and hearing, all manipulated according to the rubric, all designed to break the magician down into multiple personalities and rebuild them again like Osiris from his dismembered bone fragments of identity scattered throughout the landscape.
—Peter Levenda


Shamanic Dreaming: My Experiences


This story is not so much about the fantastic properties of an unidentified flying, multicolored, ameoba like thing; it’s about one human being’s reaction to it.
—Barry Windsor-Smith, “Time Rise”


I have recorded my dreams for the past 25 years. I have not recorded every day, but a good chunk of them—1000s of dreams, which I am currently in the process of cataloging into separate books.

For the majority of human history, dreams have been an important part of cultural, spiritual, and even political life. We have records of dreams from 3000-4000 years ago, inscribed on clay tablets. Egyptian, Greek, and Roman societies placed a lot of significance on dreams—believing they were pathways to divine communication, healing experiences, and augurs of future events.

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