Is The “Devil Horns” Hand Gesture Evil?


Some conspiracy theorists insist that the so-called “devil horns” hand gesture, which has been seen used by scores of celebrities, politicians, and other public figures, is supposed to represent allegiance to Satan. Does this hand-sign have some sort of occult meaning, or is it just a playful affectation that looks good in a photograph? The answer is…both yes and no.

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Spider-Man And Venom As Alien Archetypes


“Because the visitor experience is so incredibly strange, the imagination filters and forms it around whatever cultural materials are at hand, be these pulp fiction covers or ancient Mesopotamian goddesses.”
–Jeffrey J. Kripal, “Mutants And Mystics”

“I found something very bad. And I have been…taken.”
–Eddie Brock, “Venom”

Is there no more iconic pop-culture symbol than the head of Spider-Man? This theoretically arachnid visage, coupled with the Superman “S” logo, has practically defined the superhero genre:

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