Is The “Devil Horns” Hand Gesture Evil?


Some conspiracy theorists insist that the so-called “devil horns” hand gesture, which has been seen used by scores of celebrities, politicians, and other public figures, is supposed to represent allegiance to Satan. Does this hand-sign have some sort of occult meaning, or is it just a playful affectation that looks good in a photograph? The answer is…both yes and no.

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3.15.19: The Divine Comedy


“Conspiracy is natural primate behavior.”
–Robert Anton Wilson

Today is the Ides Of March; on the precipice of Spring, traditionally a time of settling debts before the true dawning of the New Year (celebrating the rebirth of Attis, the Vernal Equinox).

The Ides: the middle of the month, sacred to Jupiter, the Flamen Dialis hustling the Ides sheep along the Via Sacra to the arx to be sacrificed. Or we can consider the scapegoat of the ancient pharmakós ritual, on Mamuralia which is also on the Ides of March; the scapegoat, the Ides sheep, representing the departing of the Old Year with all its sins.

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The Holy Trinity: Osiris, Isis, And Horus In Popular-Culture


Do you ever notice how you see the same basic tropes over and over again in TV programs, movies, video games, comic books, and whatnot?

Do you ever notice that you see the same basic tropes over and over again in mythology, folktales, religion, and whatnot?

Now, why is that? Are these writers and mythmakers and so on just really lazy? Is this some sort of conspiracy to promulgate one type of view through the bowels of our pop-culture?

I would suggest that many of these most basic tropes are passed down through the centuries and millennia because they are deeply primal and embedded in the collective human psyche.

And to explore this concept, I’ve decided to take a spotlight that most ubiquitous of comic book tropes, the Man/Woman/Boy Superhero Triad.

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My (Fool’s) Journey Through The Tarot


This post outlines my journey though the tarot, and all the various decks I have used along the way. If you are starting out with reading tarot cards, or just sort of curious, maybe this will be helpful to you. Also, even if you’re not interested in fortune-telling, the tarot has a rich library of primal archetypal symbols—and a working knowledge of such is a help for esoteric studies as a whole!

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