On “Surrender” And Being A Fool

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“Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself.”
–Charlie Chaplin

As I do my meditations, I sometimes wonder/ask: “what could I be doing more of?” Always wondering: how can I strategically be more sharp, more savvy, more anticipatory of trends, more productive, and so on.

And the answer I get is: “just surrender to it.” Stop “fighting it,” stop trying to “fit in,” stop trying to be strategic. Be normal—in terms of whatever “normal” is for me. Be organic. Be relaxed.

Just be.

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My (Fool’s) Journey Through The Tarot


This post outlines my journey though the tarot, and all the various decks I have used along the way. If you are starting out with reading tarot cards, or just sort of curious, maybe this will be helpful to you. Also, even if you’re not interested in fortune-telling, the tarot has a rich library of primal archetypal symbols—and a working knowledge of such is a help for esoteric studies as a whole!

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