Deadfool And The Cabinet Of Infinite Memory


It always seemed to me that the most powerful fictional characters would not be determined by their strength, wealth, or intelligence—but rather, by their ability to realize they were fictional. For what good is everything else if you are not aware of your own fictionality, of the true nature of your very existence?

In this sense, a character like Deadpool’s exemplary physical durability is really just a metaphor for his enlightenment as to the fact that he is a fictional character. Fictional characters can be chopped up, burnt, exploded, decapitated, what have you—but they cannot truly die, as long as there is at least one person existing who can keep creating stories (official or otherwise) about them.

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12.12.18: Gus Gorman, The Matchbook Cover, And The Elohim


“No matchbook cover is going to spell out a message from the Elohim.”
–Philip K. Dick


Let’s parse that starting quote from Philip K. Dick a bit.

What he is not saying is that you can’t glean a divine message from something as banal/trashy/ubiquitous as a matchbook cover.

What he is saying, within the full context of the passage from which I took the quote, is that to glean such a message from something as banal/trashy/ubiquitous as a matchbook cover is a two-part “unlocking” process. Continue reading “12.12.18: Gus Gorman, The Matchbook Cover, And The Elohim”

On “Surrender” And Being A Fool

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“Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself.”
–Charlie Chaplin

As I do my meditations, I sometimes wonder/ask: “what could I be doing more of?” Always wondering: how can I strategically be more sharp, more savvy, more anticipatory of trends, more productive, and so on.

And the answer I get is: “just surrender to it.” Stop “fighting it,” stop trying to “fit in,” stop trying to be strategic. Be normal—in terms of whatever “normal” is for me. Be organic. Be relaxed.

Just be.

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