11.4.18: Sophia, Irony, And Inconvenient Bedfellows


“I believe in the power of premonitions.”
—Don DeLillo, “Libra”


The above image is from the TV series The Good Place, and is of the character Janet. I’m convinced that within the Gnostic framework of the show, Janet (a quasi-robot/super-powerful AI) is supposed to represent Sophia. And that if we accept the premise that Janet is really supposed to be Sophia…to me, the rest of The Good Place really falls into place from there.

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The Gnosticism Of “The Good Place”


I’ll admit—after I watched the first couple of episodes of NBC’s The Good Place several years ago, I thought they were *OK*…but felt no big commitment to keep following the series. Then I encountered recommendations to see the last episode of the 1st season—the unexpected ending of which, I was informed, CHANGED EVERYTHING.

Spoilers ahead, naturally!

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