The Quickening, The Singularity, And The “End” Of Time



One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you are currently living in the most unique time in the whole of human history.

We are within the thinnest sliver of uniqueness in comparison to the rest of the history of humankind.

Our current times are so different than the rest of human in history, in fact—in terms of everything from technology to philosophy to social constructs to art—that it’s actually really bizarre. It’s surreal. I never fail to be amazed by it.

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What The Singularity Really Is


It is not the technology itself that is our “future”—the AI, the Cloud, becoming cyborgs, and so on. Rather, they are “mirrors” or templates for what the next stage of evolution might look and be like.

For example, when you read or watch science fiction in which people are “uploaded” to the Cloud…that’s a very precise metaphor for dimensions in which souls interact without form. The Cloud brings the astral/psychic space, the realm where thoughts are the reality.

Artificial Intelligence is a metaphor for ourselves—how we were created, how we evolved, and our relationship with Creator.

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On The Future Of Humanity In Space


I’ve had an interesting…meditation on this topic last night. For some context, I’m an avid reader about innovations in, and the future of, space exploration—though you know, certainly not an expert. I’ve always been fascinated by Timothy Leary’s belief regarding humanity’s destiny being in the stars, “Starseed.”

In his book Musings On Human Metamorphosis, Leary writes:

“Migration is nature’s classic solution to overpopulation, scarcity, and competition. When humanity begins to work for extraterrestrial migration, the competition for material acquisition will gradually diminish because unlimited space, energy, and resources await in the solar system.”

And I have…until yesterday night…really agreed with Leary on this point.


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Future Shock: What The Next Decade Might Be Like


I have been studying the topic of “futurology” for several years, and while I don’t claim to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination, I feel confident in saying that I really really really don’t think the public at large is prepared for the sorts of radical changes we will face in only just 3-5 years or so; not to mention within the next decade.

Rather, I don’t think the American public is prepared. I think the United States is stuck in a mire at present, its government making really bad choices that we won’t see the full impact of until years from now.

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