Virtual Reality System Simulates Death


You could say that death is the final frontier…but of course with our rapidly-advancing technology there’s probably “an app for that.”

What we have with the Outrospectre virtual reality system is a method of simulating death—or, rather, complete dissociation from the body—using a VR setup and a robotic head. Its creator, Dutch designer Frank Kolkman, believes this device will help the terminally ill be less afraid of dying.

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VR Is Failing Because The Real Future Is All In Your Mind


The Wall Street Journal reports that sales of virtual reality equipment have been disappointing; at this rate making it unlikely that they will reach the $12.65 billion forecasted for 2020.

But VR was supposed to be the “Next Big Thing”—for at least twenty years now. There were the TV shows VR.5 (1995) and VR Troopers (1994), not to mention The Lawnmower Man (1992). What the hell happened? Who wouldn’t want to put on goggles and be transported to another world entirely? The success of these devices were supposed to be a no-brainer.

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