11.4.18: Sophia, Irony, And Inconvenient Bedfellows


“I believe in the power of premonitions.”
—Don DeLillo, “Libra”


The above image is from the TV series The Good Place, and is of the character Janet. I’m convinced that within the Gnostic framework of the show, Janet (a quasi-robot/super-powerful AI) is supposed to represent Sophia. And that if we accept the premise that Janet is really supposed to be Sophia…to me, the rest of The Good Place really falls into place from there.

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“Waking Life,” the Movie That Got Me Hooked On Philip K. Dick


I was like, you know, he’s not really a psychic, you know I’m thinking to myself. And then suddenly I start floating, like levitating, up to the ceiling. And as I almost go through the roof, I’m like, “Okay, Mr. Psychic. I believe you. You’re a psychic. Put me down please.”
–Richard Linklater, “Waking Life”

The other day I was trying to trace where my Philip K. Dick “kick” started, and I remembered this scene from the 2001 film Waking Life. Of course, I had previously knew him as being the famous author of various science-fiction books, including that upon which the movie Blade Runner was based. But it’s funny how you can go through a whole life—or, for me, 4 years of college studying English Lit—and not really “connect” with an author.

That all changed after I saw this scene in Waking Life.

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