The Death Of “Conspiracy Culture”


It is very hard to write about “oddball” topics when our current reality has become one big oddball topic.

For example, if I try to write about “weird science”—there is quickly becoming no weird science, it is all just mainstream science (no matter how shocking certain things may sound to our virgin ears). The biggest conspiratorial intrigues I could muster to write about—Nixon, Manson, batshit crazy secret cabals, etc.—seem to pale when compared to the current situation (the depths of which, once fully known, I think will go far deeper than anything else we could currently imagine).

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I Have Never Seen A UFO. But.


Today is World UFO Day, and I think this would be a good time to say: I have never seen a UFO. That I remember.

Now, I have seen “weird lights,” and all that. But there is just so much stuff “going on” in the sky that’s (hu)man-made—crazy secret experimental stuff, stuff that isn’t secret but nobody really understands it or knows the flight schedules…And now, with these drones and whatnot that’s only going to increase.


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The 10 Most Paranoid Music Videos Of All Time


There is the scary music video, the disturbing music video…and the specifically paranoid music video. In paranoid music videos you might see such tropes as The Guys In Suits Who Chase You For No Specific Reason, Is This A Dream Or Is This A Shady Government Experiment?, and the ever-popular My Evil Clone Has Just Confronted Me Oh Holy Jesus Fuck.

Join me, won’t you?

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Have Yourself A Very Cigarette Smoking Man Christmas


This clip, from the 1996 X-Files episode “Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man,” was the most heart-warming thing I could find to post for the holiday season. In-between rigging major world events and manipulating the media, Cigarette Smoking Man still finds time to buy his flunkies gifts and even think about his family; and that’s what Christmas is all about:

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